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The new Rottler HP7A Cylinder Honing Machine employs the latest technology available for today’s engine builder. The bright, user friendly, full color 10" (254mm) Windows Touch Screen Control makes honing faster, easier and more accurate than ever before. Rottler Manufacturing continues a lasting tradition of introducing state of the art machine shop equipment for the engine builder. Quality, service, and technical support is built into every Rottler machine.
The bottom line is greater control and efficiency with increased profits for today’s machine shop.


Touch Screen Controls - The HP7A boasts a full color, easy to read, 10" (254mm) Windows Touch Screen control that simplifies all aspects of honing. The computer automatically senses tight areas and actuates short stroke or dwell as required.
Automatic Load Control - A must for diamond cylinder honing. Allows for faster honing without bore distortion. Program the desired roughing and finishing loads and walk away! Without automatic pressure control, machine will continue to build pressure on cylinder walls when honing with diamonds causing bore distortion. The Rottler system controls stone pressure on cylinder walls thus reducing bore distortion and decreasing honing time.
Pneumatic Lock - The hone head locks pneumatically with no handles.
Automatic Plateau Finish Cycle - The HP7A computer has a program specifically for Plateau Finishing of cylinders. By counting the number of strokes with a light stone pressure, this automatic cycle guarantees the same exact finish hole after hole, block after block.
Linear Slideways - Hardened steel precision ground linear roller bearing slideways reduce operator fatigue and produce no friction and long life.
Bore Profile The convenient, easy to read digital bore profile display allows you to  visualize the geometry of the bore while honing.
Simple Stroke Setting - A thumb operated button locks the stroke position at the top of the cylinder to be honed. The lower stop can be adjusted while the machine is in operation to maximize stroking for blind hole honing.
Two Stage Auto Cycle - The HP7A features a programmable roughing and finish cycle. This gives you greater control, allowing the machine to aggressively remove material in the roughing cycle, then switch to the finish cycle with a lighter stone pressure to finish the cylinder accurately with reduced stone load against cylinder wall In-Line and V-Block.
Fast Setup Both versatility and large capacity come together with the standard combination fixture. Securing blocks as well as single cylinders has never been easier. Any angle can be easily set (7.5, 15, 30, and 45 degrees).
Stainless Steel Doors - Sliding stainless steel doors provide smooth movement and long life with wide opening for easy loading of blocks and cleaning of machine.
Rugged Design, Solid Construction - Larger, heavy duty base increases the capacity of the machine and ensures a lifetime of rigidity and accuracy. Heavy duty industrial powder coating ensures a lifetime of rust free paint protection and easy cleaning.

Filtration System - With increased coolant capacity to 75 (283 liters) gallons and a strong magnetic filter system, the coolant stays cleaner and cooler. Performance builders can use the optional two stage micron filter system to remove very small contaminants from the honing fluid.
Tooling for Tomorrows Standards - Unmatched, proven performance is displayed by the superior accuracy of Rottler’s precision hone head. There is no other system that matches this in terms of flexibility and accuracy.

Water Based Coolant - Water based coolant can be used with Rottler diamond honing stones, greatly reducing heat build up in the block during honing. Cost is substantially reduced over honing oils and block cleaning is almost eliminated. Disposal of used coolant is simplified as the water can be evaporated leaving only minimal condensed sludge for disposal – environmentally friendly.

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