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Serdi Stronik M

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Machine working by interpolation between the cutting
tool radius and spindle axis. The single point cutting tool
generates the profile of the valve seat through an
integrated design system, using radius and straight

Machine specifically appropriate for machining of racing
engines, or engine prototyping.


Single point seat
cutting machine with
Z and U axes CNC
digitally controlled.

U axis carriage
controlled by induction
motor can reach a
cutting feed rate up to
300 mm/min.

4 kW built-in spindle
motor, variable speed
from 0 to 3000 RPM.

High machining
accuracy even at low
speed due to total
lack of mechanical

Intake and exhaust
seats can be performed
simultaneously without
tool holder changes.

Machining capacity
from 20mm to 163mm
/ 0.78’’ to 6.42’’.

Patented lightweight
workhead :
built-in spindle motor
and triple air-float
centering system.

Minimal workhead
inertia and maximal
floatation for
unmatched centering

Vacuum clamping of
the work head on the
machine bed.

Modern modular
machine bed design
for improved rigidity.

Computer enhanced
static and dynamic
characteristics provide
the latest in machining

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