SG 330 U/MSG 330 U/M

SG 330 U/M

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Machine designed to mill and grind cylinder head planes
and small engine blocks in aluminum or cast-iron.


The swinging head covers most of 4 to 6 cylinder car engines.
Coolant system with electric pump and settling tank available


The SG 330 traditional
surface grinder is
designed for precision
grinding and flycutting
of any engine cylinder
head with tool or
segmental wheel.

A handy small grinding
and milling machine
suitable for resurfacing
cylinder heads and
engine blocks of
passenger cars and
light trucks whether in
aluminium or cast iron.

With automatic feed
of wheel head in
horizontal movement
and manual in
vertical movement.
Stationary table with
traversing wheel head.

Rugged cast iron
base and work head
with precision guides
assures accurate
machining of heads
and blocks.

Available as SG 330 M
or SG 330 U.

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SG 330 U/M


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