K Series - Crankshaft GrindersK series

K Series - Crankshaft Grinders

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AMC-SCHOU crankshaft grinders are built to last with extra-strong castings to ensure stability and long life. All bearings are over-dimensioned to maximise reliability. Antifriction coating eliminates stick-slip effect. Fast and accurate setting-up is ensured by the face-plate system with integrated four-way adjustment. Variable 30o and 72o indexing with +/- 1o fine adjustment is standard. Maintenance free hardened ballscrews and nuts ensure backlash free stroke setting in seconds


· Hydraulically operated wheel slide movement
· Hydraulically operated face-plate locking pins
· Infinitely variable table traverse (U-machines)
· Hydraulically operated tailstock (U-machines)
· SKF double tapered roller bearings in head- and tailstock
· Antifriction non-stick coating underneath table
· Maintenance free hardened ballscrews and nuts
· Rapid backlash-free stroke setting
· Standard oil cooler on hydraulic power station


Belt polisher, automatic sizing gauge, electronic in-process control, extra grinding wheels and hubs, hydraulic dresser, light weight and heavy-duty steady rests, inside counterweights, gauge for measuring crank sag, device for measuring length of stroke, axial journal control, device for control of throw setting, rear stop for grinding all diameters, auxiliary tool stand, automatic band filter, manual band filter, CE safety guards, increased swing from 690 mm (27") to 750 mm (29.5").

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