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Motor Clean Range

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TIERRA TECH is the leading manufacturer of Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems and Equipment in the automotive industry.
TIERRA TECH manufacturing processes meet the highest quality requirements which enables them to provide an extensive warranty on their equipment. They have two production plants (one in Europe and one in America) and an extensive network of distributors, covering over 30 countries, certifying their expertise and professionalism.
The MOTOR CLEAN range comprises of machines ranging in capacities from 30 to 7000 litres. They are designed specifically for cleaning engines, components and accessories. The MOTOR CLEAN machines satisfy requirements in automotive and truck workshops, the reair of naval and congeneration engines, the aircraft industry and engine rebuilding.
Click on the PDF attachment for a complete list of the MOTOR CLEAN range and specifications.


- 40 Khz (sweep system) and Multifrequency 40-90 Khz available

- 4.7" touch screen, functional and intuative access to ultrasound time setting, temperature and peripheric or optional systems, programable with weekly calendar.

- 7 outputs and 7 inputs temperature module PLC.

- Tank built in AISI 304, 2.5mm thick stainless steel.

- Pneumatic platform for loading and unloading parts.

- Thermo-acustic isolator K-Flex Duct Net of 20mm.

- 1/2" in-flow ball valve and 1/2" out-flow.

- Height adjustable silentblock legs.

- Insulated tank cover in stainless steel.

- Air blow gun for drying parts.

- Waterflow system. Removes all the waste existing in the ultrasonic surface, keeping in perfect state the cleaning equipment.

- (Optional): filter system for waste material and muds.

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Enquire about this product