With Dandy Engines taking on more and more high performance work owner Lou Iudica recognised the need to ensure their machinery was the highest quality in the industry. With the unrivalled speed and accuracy Rottler machines offer, Dandy Engines can deliver the engine build performance results required by the most demanding of customers in any field. Precision machining by highly skilled operators gives Lou’s customers the greatest results achievable from the engine parts/components supplied which made Rottler machinery an easy choice.

Lou also saw the opportunity to make the most of the current government “Instant Asset Tax Write Off” incentive. Combined with current interest rates being at an all time low there’s never been a better time to buy.


In its current form Dandenong Engine Reconditioning (Dandy Engines), has been running since 1994 under Lou Iudica. Lou has over 30 years experience in engines and motorsport. Dandy Engines started as a traditional repair shop completing stock rebuilds. With a strong passion for more, the type of projects have grown to include race and performance, for street, track, drag strip and high performance boats.

Lou has surrounded himself with a team of professionals and Dandy Engines can offer a full range of machine shop and engine dyno services. The experience available ensures that the stock rebuild is handled with ease and the high performance project gets all the attention that it needs.

Dandy Engines handles all machining on site and services all local, interstate and international requirements.

For all your engine build needs contact Dandy Engines on 03 9775 0911 or visit www.dandyengines.com

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