Machine Operations

  • Automatic Tool Changer
  • Block Surfacing
  • Blue Print Boring
  • Boring & Sleeving
  • Circular Interpolation
  • Connecting Rod Boring
  • Cylinder Boring
  • Cylinder Head Resurfacing
  • Lifter Boring
  • Line Boring
  • Multi Purpose CNC (Custom Parts)
  • Thrust Cutting
  • Windows Touch Screen Operating System – Rottler uses Windows Touch Screen Technology on a 19″ touch panel. The Windows software has many advantages such as it’s common user interface that is easy to learn and fast to operate.
  • Instant Internet Support – Rottler offers cutting edge internet support direct from your machine to the factory. Skype is installed for internet support. This feature gives you instant, direct contact with Rottler right on the machine without even making a phone call.
  • Automatic Tool Changer – Automatic Tool Changing System available for production machining applications.
  • Traveling Column Design – Allows stationary work piece for increased accuracy.
  • Extra Height Capacity – Easily handle medium size diesel blocks forincreased versatility.
  • Large Turcite Coated Box Ways – Turcite coated bedways for reduced friction, longer life and better accuracy.
  • Extra Long T-slot – Work Table for dual workstations and increased versatility
  • World Standard CAT40 Spindle – For fast tool changing and worldwide versatility. Sliding Quill Spindle Design –  For deep hole machining required for block work.
  • Servo Motors – Offer maximum torque and performance throughout the RPM range for precise accuracy and increase productivity.
  • Single Phase 208-240V – For power efficiency that saves electrical running costs.
  • Automated Workhead Tilting System – Provides superior surface finish.
  • Extra Long T-slot Work Table – for Dual Workstations and Large Blocks for increased versatility.
  • Direct Drive Precision Ball Screws – Give long trouble free life and accurate movement.
    • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machine using Windows Operating System and Industrial PC with Intel Processor. Precision Programming and Control  thru a 15″ (400mm) Computerized Touch Screen.
    • Software options available for Programmable & Automated Cycles such as Boring, Surfacing, Lower Sleeve Offset Boring, Water Hole Repairs, Main & Cam Line Boring, General CNC Machine Work
    • USB flash drive for file transfer to and from computer
    • Internet connection to the machine computer must be provided for training support and service.
    • Machine/Computer can operate in either inch or metric system
    • 3 Axis movement by Direct Drive Precision Ball Screws
    • All motors – AC Servo Motors – Infinitely Variable
    • Horizontal Movement (X Axis) – Left and Right Direction – 72” (1830mm)
    • Horizontal Movement (Y Axis) – In and Out Direction – 12” (305mm)
    • Vertical Movement (Z Axis) – Up and Down – 18” (457mm)
    • Vertical, Horizontal and Spindle Load Monitoring for Fast Overload Shut Down
    • Precision Position Display in .0001″ (.002mm) Resolution.
    • Electronic Handwheel for manual movement – per click: Coarse Mode .01″ (.25mm) Medium Mode .001″ (.01mm) Fine Mode .0001″ (.002mm)
    • Infinitely Variable Feedrates adjustable by handwheel during automatic cycles
    • High Performance Spindle Rotation AC Brushless Servo Motor and Drive System
    • Hard Chromed Precision Spindle with High Speed Angular Contact Bearings
    • CAT40 Spindle Taper with Pneumatic Quick Change Tool System
    • Fast Rapid and Jog Speeds for Reduced Cycle Time
    • Automatic Workhead Tilt System for Back Clearance during Surfacing
    • One Piece Heat Treated Mehanite Cast Iron Machine Castings
    • Air Pressurized Column for Less Friction and Accurate Positioning
    • Turcite Coated Slideways for Low Friction and Extended  Life
    • Automatic Central Lubrication System monitored by computer
    • LED Work Light (mounted)
    • Chip Guard with Adjustable Pivot Arm
    • Operation, Programming and Spare Parts Manual – Digital
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