The AMC-SCHOU Model SG 1400 is a wet grinding machine which can be used
by small and medium sized engine reconditioners as well as industrial grinding com-
panies. The space saving design, special guideway design and the telescopic guards
ensure top of the line results for many years.
– The Benefits of Precision.

Standard Equipment: tropicalized installation with grinding wheel motor, wheel
traverse motor and coolant pump, 350 mm (13.77″) grinding wheel head, wheel
dresser, arbour for balancing of wheel head, 4 pairs of setting up blocks, central
lubrication pump, puller for wheel head, clamps, bolts, spanners and splash

  • Centrally lubricated
  • Easy alignment and depth control (extra equipment)
  • Built-in dresser for grinding wheel
  • Easy block loading
    • 400 mm (15.7″) grinding wheel head
    • Milling attachments for both wheel heads
    • Milling inserts
    • Special setting-up fixtures for cylinder heads / V-engine blocks / manifolds
    • Grinding segments for cast iron/aluminium/steel
    • Grinding wheel balancing stand
    • Alignment and depth control device
    • Magnetic chucks
    • Sensitive spirit level for work pieces
    • Manual coolant band filter and more.
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