Rottler’s Centerless Grinding System is able to grind a set of valves to exact same length without adjusting settings.

The Centerless System rotates the valve stem on it’s own centerline. Precision drive rollers rotate the valve stem and a pneumatic low friction steady rest support the valve stem similar to a precision balancing machine, resulting in extremely accurate valve stem to valve seat run out less than .0002″ (.005mm) TIR. The Rottler Centerless System allows a wide range of valve stem diameters to be ground without changing any collets or chucks.

Stroking Handwheel – The new design stroking handwheel moves the valve back and forth over the grinding wheel. When operator’s hand is removed from the stroking handwheel, the stroking system remains in position until the operator moves the handwheel again.
  • Centerless Grinding System includes Pneumatic Steady Rest for Valve Stem Diameters from .160 – .600″ (4 – 15mm)
  • Special Design Drive Roller System to allow grinding of small/short valves without Pneumatic Steady Rest
  • Central Stroking Rotational Handle for easy stroking of valve over grinding wheel,  chuck does not fall to end stop when operator’s hand is removed from th ehandwheel
  • Motor Controller converts single phase incoming power to 3-phase motor
  • Variable Valve Rotation Speed from 0 to 230 RPM
  • Digital Display Valve Face Angle Device from 5 to 55 degrees in .1 increments
  • Double Dove Tail Slides for Valves up to 15″ (380mm) Overall Length
  • End Stop System to grind valves in a set to equal length from butt end to seat face
  • Butt Grinding and Chamfering Device  including micrometer, adjustable V Nest
  • Small/Short Valve Butt Grinding and Chamfering Device
  • Main Wheel  Dressing  Device mounted on the machine
  • Main Grinding Wheel 9.0″ (230mm) Diameter, General Purpose (VTRW-10)
  • Diamond dresse for dressing main grinding wheel (VTRW-4)
  • Butt Grinding Wheel 4.0″ (100mm) Diameter, General Purpose (VTRW-3)
  • Diamond dresser for dressing butt wheel (VTRW-5)
  • Adjustable Work light
  • Base Storage Cabinet including removable coolant tank and paper filter system, capacity (5) gallons (20 liters)
  • Grinding Oil 7609C 5 Gallons (20 Liters)
  • Filter Paper (20 sheets)
  • Paint Color Code: RAL9002 (Grey White)
  • Electrical requirements: 208-240V, 10A, 50/60Hz, 1Ph
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