Manual Machines

Serdi 4.5

Machining capacity from 16mm to 120mm / 0.6’’ to 4.72’’. Patented lightweight workhead : built-in spindle motor and triple air-float centering system. Minimal workhead inertia and maximum floatation for unmatched centering sensitivity. Mechanical clamping of the work head on the machine bed with pneumatic clamping jack and vacuum system. Fully integrated spindle motor, variable speed […]

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Automatic Machines

Other Valve Seat Machines

Serdi 2.0 ES

Machine designed on the working principle of the double air-float patented centering system, with an electro spindle delivering powerful torque, a very high rigidity machining head and frame, being able to carry any conventional heads.

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Pressure Testing Machines

Grinding & Milling Machines



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